Lime Basil White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Do you have a basil plant that’s flourishing but you don’t know what to do with all those leaves? Are you sick of making the same boring pasta and pesto sauces with your basil? Here’s an idea, basil can be used in desserts!

The thought of using basil in a dessert horrified me. In my head, it just didn’t make sense. But I realized that mint is also an herb that gets used in desserts, as well as lavender. So I decided to give it a go. 

I love basil and lime together, so I wanted to start with that. And a tad bit of lime juice, but not too much. And because I did not want to create sour cookies, I used a soft sugar cookie recipe as my base, and added white chocolate chips as a finishing touch.

Wow. If a cookie described Heaven, I’m sure this would be it. These Lime Basil White Chocolate Chip cookies were incredible and heavenly. This recipe is truly a divine indulgence that leaves your tastebuds dancing! A sugar cookie at heart with a zesty, sweet and soft center. I can’t stop eating them as I write this recipe. Yum. And to think that this specific recipe exists NOWHERE on the internet until now? It’s an official, original Matheson family recipe.

So here is the recipe that’s going to make me fat. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to officially announce the birth of these babies, my Lime Basil White Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

Lemon Labor Inducing Cake

While I didn’t think it was possible, this cake from Lemon-sugar literally did put me into labor. There I was, at 38 weeks pregnant, feeling miserable and uncomfortable, hoping that our baby would be born before New Years since our insurance deductible and out-of-pocket max was 100% met and our little girl would be a nice tax break for us (let’s be real, I’m sure any mom would do the same). I started Googling non-tantalizing ways to induce labor, when I came across this labor-inducing lemon cupcake recipe! I was surprised that it seemed so easy (and tasty!), it didn’t involve consuming 7 pineapple cores, drinking a nasty tea or downing a shot of castor oil (which could result in explosive diarrhea during labor), so how could self-inducing labor seem so sweet?

I’ll tell you. The secret may have been the labor process and not the actual consuming of the lemon cake. This recipe took me about 3 hours to make. It involved standing for long periods of time, inhaling citrusy deliciousness, and LOTS of zesting, juicing, and slicing of lemons!!! My intention was to make this as a cake, eat a few slices, and hopefully go into labor within a few days, but not even 5 minutes after I finished frosting the cake, I felt a GUSH and realized my water had broken. I didn’t even get to try the cake! This was Saturday at about 3:30pm.

It was all a blur from there. My husband, being the trooper that he is, scrambled through the house packing up his suitcase and arranging for our toddler to be watched while I sat on the toilet, anxiously wondering if the baby was going to come out right then and there. I’ve watched too many Youtube labor videos haha.

We finally arrived at the hospital about half an hour later, and the nurse confirmed that my water had broken, and I was induced from there (Pitocin is of the devil, seriously) and our little girl was born on Sunday morning just before 7am!

So here’s the recipe that started it all. It was originally designed to make 6-12 cupcakes, but I halved the recipe and made this small cake with it instead, which is the recipe shared below. For safety purposes, I do not recommend making this recipe prior to 38 weeks gestationally. Best of luck and let me know how it goes!